Marshmallows roasting over fire for making s'mores (UK method)

How to Make S’mores (UK Recipe!)

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UK S’mores Recipe

Looking for a treat to end your barbecue or cook on a campfire? You can’t go wrong with delicious gooey s’mores – and here’s how to make them if you’re in the UK and have never heard of a Graham cracker.

What are S’mores anyway?

S’mores are an all-American campfire classic. Named because you’ll always want “some more”, s’mores are a sweet, sticky biscuit sandwich filled with melted chocolate and gooey roasted marshmallow. They’re simple, ready in minutes, and loved by kids and adults alike.

Traditionally, you spear your marshmallow on a skewer and melt it on the fire before building your s’more, but you can also make them in foil packets on the barbecue (which ends up with waaaayy less sticky fingers).

I’ve included recipes for both methods below. Whether you’re making them for a summer barbecue or over an autumn bonfire, s’mores are a fantastic weekend treat!

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Hand holding s'more beside campfire
A s’more with digestive biscuits, made on my last camping trip

What’s the British equivalent of Graham crackers?

Whenever you see a standard American recipe for s’mores, it always includes Graham crackers. As we don’t have those here, you’ll be left wondering what’s the UK equivalent of a Graham cracker.

Graham crackers are a simple, sweetmeal biscuit made of wholemeal flour. In the US they’re often used for cheesecake crusts. Sound familiar? Yep, enter the digestive biscuit.

Graham crackers are not identical to digestives – they have a touch of cinnamon added to them, giving a slightly different taste, but a digestive makes a great base for s’mores. You can also use Rich Tea biscuits, so just use whichever you have or prefer.

How to make s'mores UK recipe

How to Make S’mores in the UK

Aside from digestive biscuits, the only other things you’ll need are some chocolate and marshmallows. And depending on which method you’re using (fire or barbecue) you’ll also need some skewers or tinfoil.

British S’mores Ingredients

For s’mores, you will need:

Digestive or Rich Tea biscuits: 2 per s’more

Milk Chocolate: 2-3 squares per s’more (you’re better off with milk chocolate because it melts more easily than dark chocolate)

Marshmallows: 1-2 big ones per s’more (the pink and white kind), or you can also use a small handful of mini marshmallows if you’re using the foil packet barbecue method (see below).

British S’mores Ingredients!

How to Makes S’mores on a Firepit / Chimenea / Campfire

This is the traditional method of making s’mores (and arguably the more fun, but also messier way). You melt your marshmallow over the fire and then build your s’more.

  1. Skewer your marshmallow (remembering to first wet the sticks if you’re using bamboo skewers)
  2. Carefully roast it over your fire until it reaches your desired level of melted/roasted/scorched. Don’t put it directly in the flame. Everyone will hold strong opinions on what is the perfect level of marshmallow roastiness. I actually prefer mine warm and melty but with zero burnt bits.
  3. Pop your hot marshmallow on a digestive biscuit with a couple of squares of chocolate and sandwich it with another digestive biscuit on top.
  4. WAIT a few minutes to let the chocolate melt and so you don’t burn your mouth!
  5. Enjoy that melty deliciousness

How to Make S’mores on the Barbecue (foil packet method)

If you’re having a bbq, you can use the embers or a low flame to make s’mores a different way. This method uses foil packets and means you can pre-prepare the s’mores beforehand. It makes for a less messy experience, and keeps little kids away from open flames!

  1. Cut some squares of tinfoil (1 per s’more). Either use the thick kind, or a double-layer of standard foil, to avoid any packet-splitting disasters.
  2. Build your s’more sandwiches by topping a digestive biscuit with a couple of squares of chocolate and 1-2 marshmallows. Finish with a second digestive biscuit on the top.
  3. Carefully wrap the s’more in the foil to make neat, sealed packets to go on the barbecue and set aside until you need them.
  4. When it’s time to heat them, place the s’mores on the barbecue grill over a low, indirect heat for about 5 minutes, flipping each packet over halfway through.
  5. To know when they’re ready, take your tongs or spatula and lightly press the top of a s’more packet. If it feels bouncy, it probably needs longer as the marshmallow hasn’t melted yet. If it feels squashy, it’s probably ready.
  6. Remove with tongs, unwrap, WAIT for it to cool, and enjoy!

Add Your Own Twist to S’mores

The great thing about s’mores is that everyone can tweak the basic recipe depending on what they like. Here are some ideas for tailoring s’mores to your favourite tastes:

  • Big chocolate fan? Use chocolate digestives instead of plain ones
  • Mad for that Biscoff flavour? Use Lotus Biscoff biscuits instead of digestives
  • No biscuits in the house? Whip up these easy no-egg cookies to use
  • Like a hazelnut taste? Swap chocolate for Nutella!
  • Prefer peanuts? Add a blob of peanut butter to your super s’more
  • Love caramel? Use Cadburys Caramel Nibbles or Rolos instead of chocolate
  • You could even add a pinch of salt to your caramel s’more creation

However you make them, s’mores are bound to be a big hit. Let me know how you get on in the comments!

Cover photo by Alex Holt on Unsplash

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