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Don't wake up on Sunday morning wondering where the weekend went. Make the most of your time with all our best posts on how to enjoy your weekends to the full - whether you're at home or out and about.

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How to Plan the Perfect Weekend Away

If you’ve missed travel during the pandemic and are keen to start getting out there again, a weekend away is the ideal place to start. Get dreaming about your next weekend getaway, whether it’s with friends, your partner, family, or by yourself. Here’s how to plan the perfect weekend away!

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75 Activities To Enjoy With Your Family This Weekend

The working week’s over and it’s time for some downtime. What are you planning to do with your family this weekend? Get any chores and boring errands out of the way early and enjoy your precious free time. Here are 75 activities to enjoy with your family this weekend.

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How To Relax at the Weekend When You Have Kids

Remember when weekends used to consist of nights out, sleeping late, leisurely brunches, or taking a bath without people arriving to use the toilet right next to your head? Nope, me neither. Don’t despair: here’s how to relax at the weekend when you have kids.

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How to Have a Hygge Weekend

Hygge: that warm, fuzzy, cosy feeling you get from simple pleasures and spending fun time with others. Sounds like the perfect addition to your weekend. Here’s how to create your ultimate hygge weekend.

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How to Improve Your Weekend

Ever feel like the weekend’s just disappeared and you haven’t made the most of it? Here are 15 easy ways to fix that and improve your weekend.

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How to Stop the Sunday Night Blues

Don’t get overcome by Sunday evening anxiety. By making some simple changes to your weekend, you can enjoy your time off to the full and say goodbye to the Sunday night blues for good.

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The Perfect Sunday Morning

Long live Sunday morning: slow starts, hot coffee, no commitments, and the chance to do what you like. But how do you create your perfect Sunday morning formula?

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