Welcome! Almost The Weekend is an easy-going blog devoted to getting more weekend feeling into your life. You’ll find articles on home and family life, getting out and about, and living and eating seasonally.

How do you feel about The Weekend?

Time to relax or time to fit in as much as possible? Staying home or heading out? However you want to spend your free time, it’s your time and you shouldn’t feel pressured to spend it any particular way.

Weekends can easily turn into all the wrong kinds of busy. Rushing about, cramming in errands, tackling overdue housework and DIY – only to get to Sunday night feeling unrested and with the Monday fear looming large. It’s time to reclaim your weekends.

But I believe it’s important to bring a bit of that weekend feeling into your weekdays too. Whether that’s by lighting candles for a family dinner, getting outdoors at lunchtime or after work, finding time to unplug, or simply planning the fun for next weekend, it can be done. Tiny things can make a difference, if you want them to.

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Need more weekend Vibes In Your Life?

Hi! I’m Maxine and I live in Scotland with my husband and children. I’ve never liked my weekends being too full (even before those pandemic lockdowns came along). Who wants to get to Monday and think ‘where did the weekend go?’

My perfect weekend consists of time with family and friends, getting outside  (in all weathers, because Scotland), maybe a bit of shopping, some easy cooking or baking, an old movie, a good book, and always countless cups of tea. Nothing special – but that’s what makes it special to me.

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