Affiliate Links

Some of the links on are affiliate links. If you’re not sure what this means, please read on.

What are affiliate links?

If you click on an affiliate link and are taken to another website where you then make a purchase, the company will pay a small commission. This may include commission on any purchase you make, whether it is the purchase of the original item from the link and/or something else (within a defined timescale).

Why do we use affiliate links?

Put simply: because it helps with the running costs of the site. We’re a small (one-woman!) business, and affiliate links are just part of how we help to support that and keep the site running.

Does it cost the reader anything extra?

There is absolutely no extra cost to you for purchasing anything via an affiliate link on this site. It won’t cost you a penny more.

Who decides which affiliate links are used?

In our editorial, all opinions and reviews expressed are entirely our own. We only include affiliate links for products that we love and have either personally tried/purchased or intend to try/purchase.

Any product claim or product details  should be verified with the original owner/manufacturer of the product if you’re in any doubt.

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Last updated October 2020