Things to do on a weekend in March

Things to do on a weekend in March

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How to Spend Your March Weekends

The arrival of March means spring is truly on the way. Time to emerge like Mole peeking out from his underground house in Wind in the Willows. Here are some ideas of things you could do on a March weekend.

Things to do on a weekend in March

Hello March! Here in Scotland, March is a real month of change and the old saying about March coming “in like a lion and out like a lamb” always seems to ring true. Winter starts to move out and by the end of the month, spring has (usually) arrived, so I’m hopeful for some brighter, warmer weather in the coming weeks. March is also the month that the days seem to get much longer after all that endless winter darkness.

Weekends in March are the perfect time to start getting outdoors more, absorbing as much vitamin D as you can after the winter months, looking out for signs of spring, and bringing the new season into your home.

Ideas for a March Weekend

With the arrival of Spring, here are some ideas for things you could do on a March weekend.

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Head out into the light

When the sun comes out, make the most of it. Drink your morning coffee or afternoon tea sitting outside with the sun warming your face. Take your book outdoors (and a cosy blanket if needed) and read outside in the fresh air.

Grow sunflowers

Plant some sunflower seeds in pots and leave them on a sunny windowsill for a few weeks before transferring outdoors. If you have kids, growing sunflowers always gets competitive! Make sure everyone plants more than one seed each in case any don’t germinate properly.

Use the longer days

Make the most of the lighter mornings by getting up early and going for a dawn stroll. Or head out after work during the week and go for a long walk before sunset. It’s extra daylight for free after the darkness of winter, and it’s so worth it to get out there. Enjoy the peace and look out for the signs of spring.

Get some spring flowers

Brighten up the house with a bunch of daffodils or a vase of multi-coloured tulips. The first spring flowers in the house are so cheering after dark winter days.

Things to do on a March Weekend

Get spring cleaning

It might not be everyone’s idea of a good time, but it’ll feel great when it’s done. Yep, I’m talking about getting your space cleaned up. As the days get brighter, you might start to notice any dirtier areas of the house more, so it’s a great time to blitz your rooms.

If you’re looking for a realistic plan, here’s how you can easily tackle the whole house and spring clean in a weekend.

Do some spring decorating

After you’ve spring cleaned, pack away the heavy winter blankets and add some seasonal accessories like pastel coloured cushions or throws, and some new light spring scented candles. Or if you really want a spring refresh, paint some walls, buy some new artwork, and freshen up your space.

Plant wildflowers

Get some packets of wildflower seeds and sow them into raked soil outdoors. They’re so pretty and will help attract bees and butterflies to your garden in the warmer months.

Enjoy the lighter evenings

Now that’s it’s starting to get darker later, have an evening outdoors. Wrap up warm, make some hot chocolate, and let the kids roast marshmallows on a fire pit.

Bake some spring-inspired treats

Try one of these amazing spring baking recipes for a great way to spend a March weekend afternoon.

I hope this post has given you some ideas for things to do on a weekend in March. If you have any favourite seasonal activities for this time of year, let me know in the comments!

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