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Embracing Hygge: Creating a Cosy Home for Autumn

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As the days grow shorter and the cold and damp creep in, it’s time to turn up the cosy level to the max. Enter hygge.

There’s quite a bit of hygge on this blog. I was an “early adopter”, if you will, and I like nothing more than a bit of cosy, warm togetherness. So if the concept has somehow passed you by until now, here’s a quick intro: 

The Danish concept of “hygge” (pronounced hoo-ga) embodies the art of creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Hygge is all about savouring the simple pleasures of life, finding joy in the present moment, and fostering a sense of well-being. 

Autumn is Naturally Hygge

Autumn tends to be the nesting season. We tend to come indoors, make the most of our space, gather together, light candles, and hunker down ahead of winter. Here’s how you can embrace it and infuse your home with hygge to make the most of this cosy time of year. Your goal is to make your home a sanctuary that you can’t wait to return to after a long day. Let’s go.

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Ways to Create a Hygge, Cosy Home for Autumn

1. Embrace Imperfections

First things first. This is not about redecorating your house or trying to make a perfect space. Part of hygge is celebrating the beauty of imperfection. Use what you have, buy a few new small things if you’d like to, and mix & match to add character and charm to your space.

2. Go With Warm and Soft Textiles

The easiest thing you can do to make your home more cosy is by layering different fabrics in your living space. Fluffy blankets, soft cushions, and warm throws will provide the texture you’re looking for. 

Aim for a mix of fabrics, and ideally opt for materials like wool, fleece, and faux fur to create a cocoon of comfort. A faux fur throw is the cosiest thing to snuggle into on a dark evening.

3. Bring in Soothing Colours

You don’t need to redecorate! Just add a few accessories in a colour palette that reflects the warmth of autumn. Earthy tones like deep browns, warm oranges, and soft yellows can create a comforting atmosphere. Oh, and try pairing them with taupe or cream neutrals so it doesn’t start to look like the brown living room you had in the 80s. Less is more!

You could also try some seasonal cushions – the absolute easiest way to change up the space.

Cushion on sofa that reads Fall Sweet Fall

4. Add a Touch of Nature

Incorporate natural elements such as dried flowers, pinecones, acorns, and branches. These can be used in decor and DIY projects to infuse your home with a seasonal touch. Again, don’t overdo it – a little goes a long way.

If you have small children, take them out for a walk to a park or forest and they will happily collect autumnal decor for you!

5. Candlelight is Your Friend

There’s no room for harsh lighting in a hygge space. Light candles in various sizes and scents to cast a soft, inviting glow. Candlelight adds a touch of romance and tranquillity to your home, making it feel instantly cosy.

If you have small children or pets and you’re worried about fire risk or toxins, you don’t have to miss out. Battery candles used to give off terrible lighting, but they’ve improved so much that they have really caught up with the real deal. In my opinion, the best ones are TruGlow candles – I’ve invested in a few of these and they’re great. They even come with integrated timers so you don’t even have to remember to turn them on or off.

Autumnal vignette with candles and pumpkin

6. Create a Dedicated Cosy Corner

Designate a cosy corner or nook for reading and relaxation. In Denmark they call this a “hyggekrog”. A comfortable chair, a side table for your favourite hot drink, and a well-stocked bookshelf is possibly the perfect autumnal retreat.

Hyggekrog: Danish for “cosy nook”

7. Start an Autumn Music Playlist

You need some cosy music while you turn your space into an autumnal sanctuary. Curate a playlist of soothing and soulful tunes to enhance the cosy ambiance. A few favourites that always make it onto my playlist at this time of year are:

  • Fire & Rain by James Taylor
  • Old Pine by Ben Howard
  • Autumn Leaves by Ed Sheeran
  • Holocene by Bon Iver
  • Zorbing by Stornoway
  • Brother by Lord Huron
  • Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen
  • Invisible String by Taylor Swift
  • Wherever You Go by Gaits.

8. You Can Even Make it Smell Like Autumn

Time to crack out the fall scents. Scented candles are great, but I’m also a huge fan of electric diffusers that give off pretty light to fill your home with the comforting scents of autumn, like cinnamon, vanilla, and pumpkin spice. I also really like woody forest scents at this time of year. Try a starter pack of autumn essential oils – you’ll be instantly in the autumn zone.

9. Unplug and Disconnect

Make your home a tech-free sanctuary by reducing screen time. Try a weekend where you unplug from digital devices and enjoy being in the present moment. Do this together as a family if you have kids who could benefit from a screen break too. Read, nap, play games, do a bit of baking, or head out for an analogue adventure.

10. Make Some Comfort Food

Prepare some seasonal hearty and comforting meals like soups, stews, and baked goods. The aroma of home-cooked food can only enhance the feeling of cosiness.

11. Enjoy Hygge with Loved Ones

An integral part of hygge is togetherness. Share your hygge space with family and friends. Host some cosy gatherings with good company, warm food and lots of candles.

12. Introduce Relaxation Rituals

The evenings are getting longer but don’t lose them to scrolling through trash on your phone or watching TV you’re not even interested in. You’ll go to bed bored and annoyed. Instead, establish some relaxation rituals that calm you and wind down for bed, such as a warm bath with Epsom salts, gentle stretching, sleep-inducing podcasts or meditation.

Bath with tea and candle

13. Embrace the Outdoors

You want your hygge home to be warm and inviting, but try bringing a touch of the outdoors inside too. Place potted plants or succulents in your space, especially near windows. The connection with nature can be grounding and calming.

14. Gratitude and Mindfulness is Hygge

Practice gratitude and mindfulness in your home. Create a gratitude journal or a mindful corner where you can reflect on the simple joys of life. Have a look at Ways to Have a Mindful Autumn for a few ideas.

15. Make Time to Enjoy Your Hygge Moments

After you’ve gone to the effort of making your home cosy for autumn, make sure you find the time to slow down and enjoy it. Set aside dedicated times to enjoy a cup of tea or simply sit in silence and appreciate the serenity of the season.

By infusing your home with hygge, you can transform it into a sanctuary of warmth, comfort, and relaxation—a place where you can fully appreciate the beauty of autumn and find solace in the changing seasons. So, light those candles, cosy up with a blanket, and invite hygge into your home this fall. 

Embrace the art of hygge, and your home be a true sanctuary from a busy life.

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