Cadburys Creme Egg Scotch Eggs

Cadbury Creme Egg Scotch Eggs

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Creme Egg Scotch Eggs for Easter

Ready for the ultimate Easter chocolate treat? Here they are: creme egg scotch eggs – and they’re really easy to make!

This is one of the most decadent, but also simplest, chocolate Easter treats out there. Cadburys creme eggs are covered in a truffley, cake-pop style mixture of brownie crumbs and buttercream, and then rolled in chocolate sprinkles to make a chocolate Scotch egg.

(If you don’t know what a Scotch egg is, it’s a British snack involving hardboiled eggs and sausage meat. But trust me, you’re better off just pretending they don’t exist and concentrating on this chocolate version.)

Chocolate creme egg Scotch eggs are basically a completely genius invention. I don’t know who first came up with the idea, but pictures of these have been doing the rounds on social media for a least of couple of Easters now, and I could resist no longer.

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This year was my first attempt at creme egg scotch eggs, and here’s my take on the recipe.

How to Make Cadbury Creme Egg Scotch Eggs

The beauty of this recipe is that you can either make the brownies and buttercream yourself, or you can buy both of these ready-made and be making treats in no time. It is a holiday weekend, after all, so be easy on yourself.

You can also choose to use either full-size or mini creme eggs, depending on what you have (or how chocolatey you’re feeling). I actually prefer the mini-sized ones, as the finished product ends up about the same size as a regular creme egg, so is easy to eat.

If you use ready-made brownies, this also becomes a completely no-bake recipe and so is perfect if the kids are keen to make some treats by themselves for Easter.

If you need a quick, easy brownie recipe, you can’t go wrong with these Failsafe Chocolate Brownies.

Cadbury Creme Egg Scotch Eggs

Using Buttercream for Creme Egg Scotch Eggs

A note on the buttercream in the recipe. If you’re using really fudgy brownies, you might not even need buttercream, as the brownie crumbs will probably be sticky enough to mould round the eggs on their own. If your brownies are cakier in texture, you’ll need to mix in buttercream to get the right sort of consistency.

Also, if you want you can use chocolate buttercream, but I just used plain as I didn’t feel the recipe needed the addition of a fourth chocolate element, lol.

Cadbury Creme Egg Scotch Eggs Recipe

The measurements given here are approximate, as the amount you’ll need will depend on the consistency of your brownies and how thick you would like to make your cake layer.


  • 6 full-size creme eggs or 12 mini creme eggs
  • 300g chocolate brownies (homemade or shop-bought)
  • A few tablespoons of buttercream (homemade or shop-bought). I used a tub of Betty Crocker vanilla icing but if you’re making it yourself, use approx. 7-8 tbsp icing sugar and approx. 4 tbsp softened butter and mix until smooth.
  • A tub of chocolate sprinkles or chocolate vermicelli


  1. Break up the brownies into a bowl and gently smash them with a wooden spoon until they’re crumbs.
  2. If the brownie crumbs are damp, fudgy and sticky, you probably won’t need buttercream. If the crumbs are drier and more cakey, add buttercream a tablespoon at a time until you have a sticky, mouldable consistency.
  3. Take a spoonful of your mixture and mould a layer all around the outside of a creme egg until it’s completely covered.
  4. Sprinkle the chocolate strands on a plate and roll the egg in them until completely coated.
  5. Repeat with the rest of your mixture, until you’ve run out of either eggs or brownie mix.
  6. Chill your eggs in the freezer for about 10 minutes and then enjoy!

Calories: several gazillion, probably. It will totally be worth it though.

Creme Egg Scotch Egg cut in half
I hope you have fun making these chocolate scotch eggs for Easter. Let me know in the comments if you've tried them!
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